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A temple space offering Intimate Sensual Massage and Sacred Bodywork Sessions for Men, Women,Trans,
Non-Binary and all Queer folks 


At our human core lies a deep well of pure Erotic LIFE. This often untapped magic is resting just below the surface waiting to be unlocked and welcomed into fullness
Sensual and Erotic Massage Sessions are medicine for this LIFE inside you 
Wild Beloved recognises Eros and Spirituality as the basis of our personal power

You are inherently a deeply erotic and sensual being - it's in your nature. It's time to come home to your own magical powers


Meet Tui - 

Tui is devotee of the Ecstatic life force of Earth who weaves her experiences of Sacred Sexuality, Soul work, Tantric body work and Earth Eros together to offer a truly unique journey that will welcome you home to deeper connection to your body as Earth, to unseen magic realms, pleasure and the erotic life pulsating within you
Steeped deep in the raw life force of the Earth, intimate sessions with Tui give permission for the expression of your own innate pleasure and sensuality


for all genders 

Sensual Massage   

Devotional body connection, deep presence
Devotional body connection, deep presence

At the core of each sensual massage session is a delicious, erotic prayer to your whole body and spiritual being 

A deep devotional touch that calls to the unseen places that are waiting to be felt by you, expressed by you and shared with another.


Parts of you that may be waiting to experience waves of your own life force and pleasure as you may not have experienced it before.

Sensual massage gives you an opportunity to develop hightened awareness of sensitivity through touch and pleasure mapping that can reveal your unique pathway to pleasure and sexuality. 

Sensual massage is a transformational modality merging real life with spiritual sexuality

Are you Trans, Non-binary or Queer identifying? This work is also made for you

The Earth Erotic Body Series
in-person experiences
Coming soon 2024


Reasons you may be interested in Sensual Massage 

You are curious to know how spirituality and sexuality are intimately connected 

You haven’t been intimate with anyone in a long time 

You desire a new erotic experience with a slower loving presence and touch

You have a partner and desire a no-strings-attached sensual journey via ethical non monogamy. 

You are curious to explore with a woman 

You don’t want to use dating apps to engage in intimacy 

You may be a regular user of porn and would like to experience a deeper intimacy 

You are post breakup and would love some healing touch 

You have had many sexual encounters but not many intimate ones

You are experiencing a stressful time and are craving to surrender and receive. 

You are more dominant as a lover and wish to be in a nurturing space to surrender 

You are a sx worker yourself and wish to fill up your own desire for loving  touch

You may be feeling some body dysphoria and wish to be witnessed naked and held. 

You are differently abled and require a safe sensual experience.

You desire a gender or sexuality affirming experience.

You are in a space of grief and wish to use eroticism as a healing modality.

Image Gallery

There may be no better way to communicate what we do than through images. As you browse, take a few moments to let your eyes linger here, and see if you can get a feel for our signature touch.


I  serve tantra teachers, sexual healers, intimacy coaches, sexological bodyworkers, women, men, transgender, non-binary folks, and couples.


Global travelling Temple. 


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I will be in touch soon Beloved x

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